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15 – 55 % Alcohol By Volume


Cordials are obtained by making or redistilling neutral spirits, brandy, gin, or other distilled spirits with, or over fruit, flowers, plants (or pure juices from these ingredients), other natural flavoring materials or with extract derived from such material.  According to Federal code, the words “cordial” and “liqueur” are synonymous.  But, no matter which name is used, cordials mush contain a minimum of 2 ½ % sugar by weight of the finished product – most cordials contain more, up to 55 %.


A liqueur is "an alcoholic beverage prepared by combining various neutral spirits (rum, brandy, gin, whiskey, and other distilled spirits) with certain flavoring materials, and containing more than 2.5% by weight of sugar syrup." *  In a word, liqueurs are sweet.  Most liqueurs have far more than 2.5% sugar syrup just to make them sweeter which, as we know, makes human beings go absolutely bonkers for them.  Liqueurs are quite popular with younger drinkers and casual drinkers, as the sweetness disguises the "taste" of alcohol.  Liqueurs are, more often than not, lower in proof than other liquors.  They are also often used in mixed drinks to give the other liquor the "flavoring" of the drink.

Liqueurs come in so many different flavors that it's probably impossible to keep up on them all.  But, let's see if I can guide you through the world of liqueurs a bit:

Cordials or Liqueurs



The Art of Alcohol

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