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Bar Essential Training Course Is broken into 2 major sections; Terminology (Everyday, Glassware, and Equipment) & Standard Beverage Professional duties and responsiblities.  

Bar Essentials

  • Basics of the Bar - 3 A's (Video), Bar Philosophy, Responsibility, The Bartenders Duty, The Guest, 5 Secrets to Sucess, Health and Legal Liability, Beverage Professionals, Opening Procedures, Closing Procedures, Rules of the Front of the House, Cash Handling, Closing Out, and Bar Terminology, Self Test.  

  • Bar Equipment - Everything from an Ah-So to a Zester, Self Test.

  • Bar Glassware - Tradtional to non tradtional glassware, Self Test.

Certificate of Completion

Run Time: 2 hours

Skill Level: Beginner


All Certificate of Completions will be emailed out the following day.  Please take a moment to create a folder in your inbox and store all of your Certificate of Completions there.    

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