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Closing Procedure

Every shift at a bar has opening, running, and closing duties. These duties should be posted in the bar area. These duties are extremely important in assuring smooth daily operations and ongoing quality service. These duties require teamwork, and through teamwork, maintain excellence in service.


Opening and closing duties will not be considered complete until approved by the manager on duty. Running duties refer to ongoing duties while the bar is open for business. The responsibility of making sure these duties are being done during the shift is that of you and your teammates. Each station is assigned its own duties. Some duties will require individual effort, while others will require team effort. 


Every bar should have its very own opening procedures but a well trained beverage professional should operated efficient and effective.  Meaning: that as a "bartender" - it is your job to tend bar, and not be located other than the bar area.  As a beverage professional, the bartender should operate in a mannor in which you can obtain all the items that will be needed throughout your shift and get them behind the bar.  Consider the bar as your "home base" the bartender needs to go out and aquire all the goods needed to accomplish the shift but then get behind the bar.


Once all items that are needed to successfully start the day:


Cleanliness of the bar is essential. Our guests' impression of you is at stake. Even at hours of peak business, the bar should appear clean and attractive.



Your bar will have a list of daily housekeeping duties for the bar. This list should include the following: 

Bar Basics

Opening Procedure

cash Handling


At the end of your shift, you will be responsible for cleaning and restocking the bar.


If you work on A.M. shift or a P.M. early out, you will leave the bar clean, organized, and stocked with liquor, beer, wine, mixes, garnishes, and glassware for the closing bartender(s).


If you are closing, you will complete a comprehensive check of the bar's organization. Your responsibilities will include:


Restocking responsibilities:

  • Liquor Beer

  • Wine Napkins Straws

  • Proper storage procedures:

  • Mixes and juices

  • Usable fruit garnishes Ice cream

  • Cleaning responsibilities:

  • Fruit containers

  • Mixing glasses

  • Tins

  • Strainers and utensils Bar top

  • Ice bins 


The Manager will supply you with the appropriate cash banks. You should count this prior to starting your shift.

You are responsible for any differences when checking out.

If you need change during your shift, notify your Manager.

Upon checking out your register, call the Manager for an escort to the office and lock the door. 

  • Stainless counters

  • Sinks

  • Ice bins

  • Liquor bottles

  • Trash cans

  • Bar surface

  • Refrigerators and Coolers

  • Plastic bottles

  • Glassware

  • Condiments and holders

  • Blenders

  • Mixers

  • Back up liquor

  • Beer taps

  • Coffee burners

  • Beer drains

  • Speed rails

  • Storage areas

  • Soda gun hoses and nozzles

  • Cash registers


Upon entering the bar, the bartender should be greeted by a bar that was well cleaned the night before.  However, the duty of the bartender is to take ownership of the bar at the start of their shift and for any work that was missed the night before, will be left for you to do.  In addition to any remained jobs from the the night before a bartender will have several opening sidework, for example:

  • Put bank away

  • Fill up three compartment sink or turn on the dishwasher

  • Fill up ice bins

  • Check liquor stock

  • Check Mixer stock

  • Check Garnishes stock

  • Check supply of cocktail accessories



Bar Essentials

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