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Bar Philosophies

Bar Basics

BE ALERT:  Anticipate when someone is going to need a drink. 


BE EFFICIENTDon’t wait for a customer to call you.  If you see someone’s drink is ¾ finished.  You need to ask the guest if “he/she would care for another drink.” Also, if you put the liquor in front of the guest they will be more willing to have another.  Visual aides can always sell things quicker.            


BE EFFECTIVEFrom the moment you walk into the doors of the establishment that you work for you need to be as effective as possible.  Constantly, look for more to do; this means multitasking to better your working environment.


BE FRIENDLYAlways say “hello” and “smile” at each guest.  Try and go out of your way for guests lighting their cigarette or noticing their spills. 


BE KNOWLEDGEABLEThe products behind the bar you must know maybe not all of them but most of them.  Guests will ask you questions about some of the liquors behind the bar.  Guest will always want to talk about alcohol obviously if they are at you bar then they enjoy the art maybe not as much as the one behind the bar but enough to get a conversation started. 


BE NEAT:  Keep your bar clean at all times.  After making a drink wipe up the area you just used to make the drink. Your glassware should always be washed and polished before serving it to a guest.  


BE POLITE:  Always address people by their name or as “Sir” or “Ma’am.”  In the service industry sometimes this can be a challenge.  However, you being employed by your employer have a duty to every guest that you come in contact with to be nice and at the same time you have to just think that it is just a job.


BE SOCIABLE:  Small talk is excellent not only will it build your business but it will build the bars too.  However, do not become so wrapped up in your customer’s lives that they want to give you things or help them solve their problems.


BE TOLERABLE: Some guest may be a little overbearing.  However, your guests pay your bills.  You need to know when to continue talking to people and when to walk away from a conversation.  If your guest and you don’t see eye to eye on some topic; politely walk away and do your work behind the bar.


UPSELL: Usually, guests will be very generic when ordering a drink.  Guests will ask for a Vodka Tonic, ask the guest “What type of Vodka would you care for?”  This leaves a range of options for the guest and also a potential higher check. 



Bar Essentials

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