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BLENDING:  Blended drinks are typically made with liquors, ice, juice, and cut fruit.  These drinks can be delightful but are labor intensive.  After adding the liquor you may need to add more ice depending on the ice that melted off in the pouring process.  There should always be more ice than mixed ingredients.  However, because of that you need to be cautious unblended material.  Never serve any drink with ice cubes or unblended fruit.  Make sure that the cocktail flows out of the blender smoothly and without lumps.  When pouring correctly blended drinks the contents should not sick to the bottom of the blender or flow out like a normal cocktail.  A correctly blended drink should be thick but needs to be drinkable.  Extra juice gives off more of a flavor and more liquid to blend the drink smoother.  Add sprite or 7-up to help break up the ice and basically take the place of the liquor.   

Steps to blending cocktails:


  • Fill blender half full of ice.

  • Pour measured liquors over the ice.

  • Pour measured ingredients into the blender.

  • Cover the blender and blend for thirty seconds or until uniformly smooth.

  • Pour the contents of the blender into a glass.

  • Clean the glass of any spills on the outside of the glass.

  • Add the garnish to the side of the glass.

  • Present the blended drink to your guest.



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