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FLAMING:  There are many drinks that require flaming.  This process burns off much of the alcohol in addition to putting on a show.  There must be enough alcohol in a drink in order to flame the cocktail.  All mixed cocktails require a float of a highly proofed alcohol in order for them to be ignited, while other undiluted ingredients like sambuca and Grand Marnier can be lit by themselves. 


Steps to flaming cocktail:

  • Clear the area.

  • Measure and pour the ingredients into the serving glass.

  • If necessary, float the highly proof alcohol on top of the ingredients.

  • Touch a wooden match to the top of the glass.

  • Present cocktail to the guest.

  • If the flame does not go out within 10 – 15 seconds smother it with a saucer.

  • Advise the guest to wait to let the glass cool.




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