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LAYERING:  Layering has been around since the mid-nineteenth century.  Layering is the process of pouring the liquors on top of one and other in a manner of applying thick bands of liquor.  Each band of liquor should have a distinctive difference in the color and should be very noticeable.  However, the last band is usually a clear band of liquor, of some sorts.  In order for distinctive bands to occur, the liquors need to be poured from heaviest to lightest.  The heaviest liquors would be considered those with more of a sugar base or syrups and the lightest would be straight alcohol like 151 Rum.  If the drink is requested as a flaming cocktail then remember for them to blow out the drink early so that the rim of the glass does not get too hot.     


Steps to layering a cocktail:

  • Pour and measure the thickest of the ingredients.

  • Pour and measure the second ingredient over the back of a bar spoon and let the ingredient slowly flow on the top of the first ingredient.

  • Repeat step two for each additional layer.

  • Most layered drinks do not include a garnish, but if one is desired leave it off to the side of the cocktail.

  • Present the layered cocktail to the guest




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