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MUDDLING:  Some cocktails require that one mashes solid ingredients together in order for the cocktail to be complete.  The muddling process should take place in a mixing glass.  Start adding sugars and powereds, first.  Then add any addtional solids.  Then add any non alcoholic ingredients.  Finally add the alcoholic ingredients and then it is time to muddle.  The mixologist uses the muddler in order to mash the ingredients together into thin layer at the bottom of the glass.  The muddling process is one that needs time to develop.  Make sure to not over muddle or alter the cocktail in a mannor in which could cause a unfavorable taste.       

Steps to Muddling cocktails:

  • Place the solid ingredients into the mixing glass. 

  • Use the muddler to mash the ingredients together (sometimes soda water will be required in order to completely mash the ingredients.)

  • Once the solid ingredients are completely mashed together, fill the glass with ice and complete the drink with the liquid ingredients.

  • Garnish if needed and present cocktail to guest.

  • Some cocktails will require to be strained while other with will be required to be rolled.




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