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SHAKING:  Most cocktails containing fruit juices, raw eggs, milk, or cream should be shaken, not stirred.  These ingredients are thicker causing it more difficult to mix together.  When mixing a shaken drink fill the cocktail shaker two-thirds with ice.  Pour ingredients and shake vigorously for ten to twenty seconds.  Once again using ice will help dilute the mixture.


Steps to serving a shaken cocktail:

  • Using a mixing glass.

  • Pour measured non-alcoholic ingredients.

  • Pour measured alcoholic ingredients into the cocktail shaker.

  • Fill shaker 2/3 with ice.

  • Place shaker tin on top of the mixing glass, at a slight angle.

  • Holding both the shaker tin and the glass, shake vigorously in long strides for 10 -  30 seconds.

  • Strain into a chilled glass or a freshly iced glass.

  • Add garnish to the edge of the glass.

  • Present the cocktail to the guest.



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