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Arizona Title 4 Basic + Management Training Course

Thank you for choosing Masters of Beverage as your training provider.  Please take a moment to read through the following:


Masters of Beverage designs courses specifically for Food and Beverage professionals.  Our Mission is to: Craft Better, Smarter, Stronger, Beverage Professionals.  Our goal is to create a course that is entertaining and informative.  Arizona Title 4 Basic + Management Training Course offers the student an all around interactive alcohol awareness and intervention training program.  


Masters of Beverage offers this course as a means for you, as the student: to learn from and take something away from.  Masters of Beverage does not take any responsibility for your decision on: which side of the law you belong.    


As a person within this industry, it is in your best interest to pay attention. We recognize the fact that anyone can simply watch a few videos and punch a few keys, and still correctly answer the questions imposed upon you.  Masters of Beverage asks our students to really study the material presented before them.  We hope that all of our students take the necessary precautions to avoid any type of Administrative, Civil, or Criminal prosecutions. 


Masters of Beverage's students should take the initiative to watch the additional videos and additional information provided for for them.  Our course offer take advantage.  


Please note: Our videos are highly regulated by the Department of Liquor License and Control, if you do not watch the videos in their entirety  - please do not expect to receive a certificate.  Falsyfication of names, date of birth, etc, is strictly forbidden and we will not honor any person attempting to do so.  To be completely honest, we are only looking for true beverage professionals to take our course.  If you are looking for a quick and easy method of obtaining a certificate please see another training provider.  



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