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The Construction of a Cocktail

The simplest of all cocktails can be a work of art, if done properly.  There are several techniques to mix a cocktail; building, stirring, shaking, layering, and blending.  There are some extra techniques that may be needed in order to mix a certain cocktail.  These extra techniques would be flaming, and muddling.  However, the most important ingredient of Mixology is the presentation of the cocktail. 


The six main mixing methods Mixologists use:

  • Building

  • Stirring

  • Shaking

  • Rolling

  • Dry Shaking

  • Muddling

  • Layering






Steps to building a cocktail:

  • Using a polished serving glass.

  • Pour measured non-alcoholic ingredients.

  • Pour measured alcoholic ingredients.

  • Fill glass with ice.

  • Pour measured mixer.

  • Using a barspoon stir cocktail.

  • Garnish of the cocktail.

  • Present the drink to the guest.





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